Club Ecudental Platinum Card

  • Unlimited diagnostics.
  • Unlimited periapical radiographs.
  • Unlimited prophylaxis.
  • 15 resins of up to two surfaces.
  • Unlimited Emergency Pain Relief Treatments.
  • $ 180 voucher for orthodontics.
  • $ 180 voucher for whitening with led light.
  • $ 12 voucher for third molar surgery for each tooth and for each patient (Additional discount to the preferential price).
  • 20% discount on smile design.
  • Includes 2 teeth whitening.
  • Preferential prices for all the additional treatments that are carried out.
  • Active participation in all programs carried out by the Ecudental Clinic for anniversary.
  • Spouse and children are beneficiaries of this coverage.
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