Children’s Orthopedics

At Ecudental we have different child orthopedic treatments

At Ecudental we have different children’s orthopedic treatments, with which we intend to offer specific solutions for the little ones. Timely orthopedic treatment will prevent major problems during adolescence.

Ecudental recommends that children make their first dental visit from 6 months, however orthopedic problems can vary according to age, so it is important to go in time to be able to detect if there is any problem in the growth of the teeth definitive and growth of the maxillary bones.

When we do not act in a timely manner, we will not be able to prevent problems in adolescence and they may present more severe problems such as crossbite, overbite or present structural and functional problems of the maxillary bones and these can affect the growth of definitive teeth and the development of the bite.

Types of Children’s Orthodontic treatments


They are removable, not fixed appliances that can be removed and put on. They are normally made of acrylic materials and attached to the molars by means of metal hooks.

The treatment is totally related to the time of use of the devices in the child’s mouth. Removable orthotics can correct functional bite problems and prevent bite problems from pleasing with growth.


They are fixed appliances that are glued to the teeth. There are different types of braces and they are usually made of acrylic and sometimes require metal bars.

This method is usually used when the change from baby teeth to permanent teeth has been completed, or used in combination with acrylic braces.

We comply with strict biosafety regulations, since we have large and modern facilities.

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