Rejuvenate, it is possible!

Many people think that the teeth that they lost due to damage or fracture cannot be recovered, the good news is that if you can recover and have the same number of teeth that you originally had, and that we do with dental implants.

Rejuvenating is possible with a complete smile, you will regain the health and beauty of your mouth with a simple and effective process.

And smile again, replacing the lost natural pieces with our highest quality titanium dental implants.

Dental implants are the best way to replace your missing teeth, you will feel safe again, you can smile naturally and you can enjoy the food that you always liked.

At Ecudental, prosthetic restorations on implants are designed according to your needs, so you can replace the chewing functions and make a more aesthetic smile appear, we will recommend the appropriate implants.

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Technique ALL – ON – 4

Rejuvenate, it is possible!

This technique allows to place on 4 implants, the complete dental arch, in a fixed way, has a higher success rate than other total prosthesis treatments.

This technique allows all the teeth to be placed on the same day, placing a provisional prosthesis on the jaws and on the implants with minimal discomfort for the patient. Later, the definitive prosthesis will be placed, which will have all the qualities of a fixed denture.

This new surgical technique allows an equitable distribution of only 4 implants, unlike previous techniques that required more than 10 implants to achieve a stable prosthesis design. The success of a dental rehabilitation is not in the greater number of implants but in the quality of the implants and the bone in which they anchor.

At Ecudental we guarantee the best materials and most up-to-date techniques in order to improve the quality of life of our patients, immediately and with the least possible discomfort.

The ALL – ON – 4 technique is an innovative technique, which allows a more aesthetic and hygienic prosthesis technique that currently exists.

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Single implant

Individual implants are a good aesthetic solution in cases of loss of individual teeth, either because a tooth was never born or because the teeth were damaged by trauma, endodontic complications, periodontal diseases, cavities, retained teeth, among others; The single dental implant is intended to replace lost natural teeth, thus recovering its functions such as: chewing comfortably, smiling, speaking and, in short, it restores functionality to the tooth, as well as safety and confidence to the patient.

It is important to remember that dental implants are made of titanium since it is the only material that is biocompatible with the jawbone known up to now and it should also be noted that there are several implant brands around the world.

But the patient should know that the most recommended implants are those that have scientific studies analyzed by years of permanence in the mouth.

We comply with strict biosafety regulations, since we have large and modern facilities.

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